Tu crois que c'est moi qu'il regarde?

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spn_j2_bigbang, Art MasterPost, H-Day by Nate Winchester

Done in PaintToolSAI.

Notes: This is really different from what I normally do and I'm really happy with the result! Thank you for letting me work with you, Nate, I really enjoyed your story~ Awesome descriptions, really well thought and an amazing (and very original!) plot. Seriously, go read the fic that inspired these, it's really worth it!
Read the fic HERE

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Awesome art for an awesome story!!!

This art is just lovely! I really like the banner but the main picture is beautiful. I love how you've lit it so that the main figures draw the eye, and your girl reminds me very much of the work of Anne and Janet Grahame Johnstone (childrens' book illustrators who often drew very ethereal female figures like this one https://brighthaven.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/ppea.jpg)
I must have a look at your other art now, and maybe you should try this style more often as you are so good at it! :D

Lovely art! THe figures are quite haunting..

Oh, neat! I love that last illustration bunches!

I love this art! The ghostly outlines are so ethereal, And I like that the background detail doesn't get lost in the darkness.

Oooh, very nice. I love how you visualized the spirits (ghosts? haven't read the story, sorry;), what a beautiful image; the glowy lines work so well and I really like the depth you managed to create in that very dark background.

This is SO amazing! I love the mix of outlines with the more fleshed out people. And the flames on the title are the perfect touch.

Thanks for your time on this project!

This is such gorgeous and intriguing art. It really makes the viewer want to read the fic (I haven't, but I'm dying to know what's going on!)

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